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November 2, 2016
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My writing has changed so much since I started doing it publicly back in 2010. Because so have I.
Over the past few years, the topics of my writing developed like this:
social media marketing → exercise → personal growth → entrepreneurship → creativity → the ego.
My evolution, on the other hand, went something like this:
non-profit marketing manager → runner → grad-school student → wife → entrepreneur → mother.
Some of those match up pretty well.
As I changed, I slowly allowed my writing to change. With every shift in topic, though, I feared what people would think about the change (even when it was just five people reading.) But, as that number grew, every subsequent jump became more difficult to make. I remember thinking,
“What will the people who signed up for my entrepreneurship advice think about my articles on overcoming the ego?”
In some cases, they quickly jumped ship. Some people, though, have stuck with me from the very beginning. (If that's you, thank you!) There have even been times when I've wondered,
“Why can't I stick to one thing? Is there something wrong me with me?”
My shifts in theme have been pretty significant, and no one topic truly leads into the next very smoothly. I'm the only one that can see the thread between them.
So much has stayed the same, though.
Over the past six and a half years, I've written about what I'm going through, what I'm thinking, what I'm feeling, what I'm learning, and what I'm doing. Serving others by sharing my own life experiences, that's my jam.
And the same goes for my next shift.
Which, by the way, starts today.
* * *
I realize how strange it is to write this months after my last article and podcast episode.
I haven't reached out to you in so long. You deserve an explanation—and I have a really good one.
I disappeared because I got hit with the Mack truck that is morning sickness.
Right around the time I got the good news that JJ and I are expecting a baby, I was smacked with everything else that comes along with making a new human.
And it was no bueno.
For a few months, getting out of bed was exhausting. Showering was like running a marathon, leaving me panting. Eating was a nightmare I lived through several times a day.
But, apart from everything that happened to my body, the worst was what happened to my mind. I lost interest in everything—including what that makes me me. Reading books? Creating? Praying? Writing? No energy for any of that.
I wanted to feel better physically, but I also just missed myself terribly.
Now five months pregnant, I'm glad to report things are looking much better. Dare I say they're back to normal? *knocks on wood*
And now that I'm back, I'm ready to finish making the shift I started earlier this year.
* * *
Once upon a time, helping people find their passion was my greatest pride and joy. (Who remembers The Perpetual Vacation?) But nowadays, I could care less what anyone does for work. What I do love is the journey of finding serenity and practicing mindfulness.
And the fastest path to serenity and mindfulness? My faith.
In the last few posts before my disappearing act, I showed a sneak peak of what my faith looks and feels like. Since then, I've taken an even deeper dive into that faith.
I'm excited to start sharing some of that with you in my articles, including topics like:
  • the kind of prayer I'm doing that's really similar to meditation (and better, too),
  • how I'm trying to pass on my faith to my toddler,
  • why we give our best selves to outsiders instead of the people we love most,
  • what drives every single human interaction (including your own),
  • and how battling my ego has led me to simplifying my life.
I want to share what I'm learning as I go.
So, why am I telling you all of this?
This isn't a revolutionary post with incredible insights. Far from it. But it's a post I felt necessary to share with you before I make my next shift—a definite departure from what you've read on this blog in the past.
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I consider this an administrative note on where I'm headed, as well as a "Get Out of Jail Free" card. If you're not interested in anything related to spirituality, faith or exploring all of that jazz with me, you are 100% free to go.
But if you're up for seeing where I go with this, I'd be honored to have you. Thanks for understanding. This whole human experience thing can be surprising...
So, here's to new beginnings? :-)
xo, Marcella
PS. A fun fact. Like my writing, my blog's domain has changed plenty over the years: 
marcinator.com → marcellachamorro.com → theperpetualvacation.com → marcexo.com → marcellachamorro.com → marcella.co

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